Private Collection

In the late 1950s Tom Flores was already years ahead of his time. He had no idea that more than 40 years later his drums would by no means be considered old fashioned. Their classic stylish design is timeless, it is true there are other instruments that have not changed over the years, however, if you look at a violin it is a delicate instrument and must be treated with great care. Valje drums were probably one of the most abused instruments of all, as they were played indoors, outdoors, in the park, at the beach, dropped, tipped over, caught in a nightclub fire, rolled down the stairs, and in one instance in the 1960s survived being run over by a Volkswagen while in the driveway. They were constantly tuned under great pressure, and continually pounded on. The look, sound and feel of his drums are equal to or better than anything that the market has to offer today. If you are fortunate enough to own one, then you will know what I am talking about.

The fact that his drums exist today and are still being played is a tribute in itself to his innovation in craftsmanship.

Now from a private collection, here are a few samples from the man who set the standard more than 40 years ago.

Please enjoy!